Your Right to a Safe Workplace

"First they ignore you, then they ridicule you, then they fight you, and then you win."

--Mahatma Gandhi


Dear Austal Employee:

Austal has a proven track record of ignoring the safety needs, along with the honest opinions of their hard-working employees – that is until they conduct a survey when the “union talk” starts anew. Just ask your co-workers who have been around for a few years….”what did Austal do in 2011 when the workers started talking about forming their union?” The most likely response will be: “Well, they conducted a survey that was supposed to help us have a voice in the workplace and make changes that we were complaining about. But as soon as the union talk went away, so did all the company meetings and their promises”.

Austal ridicules workers every time they tout their Excellence in Safety Award, while sending injured workers in a yellow cab to the company doctor and putting those same injured workers on light duty, while withholding valuable workman’s compensation information. Austal ridicules you and your co-workers every time a worker is injured from a miller, falls through a hole in a module, suffers a head injury from a falling object, by failing to properly report those injuries and then sending workers back onto the shop floor without a proper medical examination. Austal ridicules every worker by ignoring the hazards that are leading to the recent rash of injuries and choosing production over protection of its workers!

Austal has a proven track record of fighting their employees’ freedom of choice by touting the union as an outsider that can’t help you make Austal a better place to work. Understand this: Austal is not fighting the Mobile Metal Trades – Austal is fighting YOU! They are fighting your rights to proper safety training! They are fighting your rights to Workman’s Compensation! They are fighting your concerns for a Safe and Productive working environment! They are fighting YOU!! Austal is fighting YOUR VOICE IN THE WORKPLACE!!!

The Union is YOU!! The Union is already at Austal—Look around You—You have the power to change Austal—You just need to Step up and Seize this moment. You did not create the sub-standard Safety Program at Austal. Workers are not intentionally injuring themselves. You did not fail to request proper safety training. But, you can join your fellow co-workers and work with management to create safety programs that prevent accidents from happening. You can be OSHA-certified to police your own worksite. You can demand legal representation to make sure your rights are protected.

You can have a Voice—You can make a Change—You can WIN a better workplace!


The Unions of the Mobile Metal Trades

Boilermakers, IBB

Plumbers & Pipefitters, UA

Machinists, IAM

Electrical Workers, IBEW

Sheetmetal Workers, SMART

Painters, IUPAT

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