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Want a real voice at Austal--want union representation--sign your union card today. Austal may say you do not need to sign to have an election. NOT TRUE. The National Labor Relations Board requires that a minimum of 30% of workers sign union authorization cards prior to initiating an election process. NO CARDS--NO ELECTION!!

It is important that more than 50% of workers sign for the union for two reasons:

  1. Once a majority has signed...your union will notify Austal that a majority of workers have requested a voice and union represention. By law, normal changes like raises, bonuses and other normal changes should continue. However, other major changes that are not considered regular changes to your conditions of employment, Austal should only make those changes after consultation with you, your co-workers, and your union. GETTING A MAJORITY IS THE KEY TO YOU DEMANDING A VOICE AT AUSTAL!!
  2. In addition, to win your voice and an election will require that the majority of workers at Austal vote in favor of your union. ONCE AGAIN, GETTING A MAJORITY IS THE KEY TO YOU MAKING REAL CHANGE AT AUSTAL.

The cards being signed are used for the purposes above--to demand that the company negotiate with you, your co-workers  and your union over the issues at Austal, and to initiate the election process. THESE CARDS ARE NOT AND CANNOT BE USED TO COLLECT UNION DUES!! Once your union is establised at Austal, workers will be asked to sign membership cards that are also used for dues. Membership and payment of dues will be voluntary--no one can be forced to join!!

Have you signed your Authorization Card?

If not, click on the card to download a pdf and sign your authorization card now. To return it contact our office at 251-434-8254 or you can mail it to Mobile Metal Trades, P.O. Box 66091, Mobile, AL 36660.

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