Protect Yourself: Demand a Safe Worksite!

Shipyard work is some of the most hazardous work according to the Occupation Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), more than twice the accident rate of other industries. Safe worksites require a serious effort to identify all potential hazards, while seeking solutions to correct those hazards. It requires management working closely with employees to develop and implement a Real Safety Program. It requires an on-going education & prevention effort.

Austal has NO Serious Safety Program in Place—So Protect Yourself!!

  • Identify any potential hazards and notify your supervisor, foremen, safety rep
  • Demand that potential hazards be corrected—contact us for assistance
  • Pay attention to:
    • Uncovered / unprotected holes or gaps
    • Unsafe scaffolding & ladders / working under scaffolding & ladders
    • Crane areas not roped off
    • Loads swinging overhead / working around or under swinging loads
    • Proper ventilation
    • Pay close attention to heat related injuries
    • Proper guards on machinery & tools / proper training on all equipment
    • Document hazards—date / time / type hazards / any witnesses
    • Your Union will conduct Safety Training courses / contact us if you are interested
    • Go to www.austalworkers.com and click on Safety to learn more

When Injured on the Job—Protect Your Future!!

Austal’s lack of any serious Safety Program has culminated in numerous accidents over the past several months. Just this past week, we’ve heard reports of broken bones, dislocations, heat exhaustion, major cuts.

If you are Injured at Work—Protect Yourself—Seek Advice

  • The Mobile Metal Trades work with Attorneys that will provide free legal advice to you
  • Notify Austal immediately if you have been injured by your job or at work
  • Don’t assume the injury has been documented as an “on the job” injury—demand it in writing
  • Being placed on light duty may mean it HAS NOT been reported and could jeopardize future “worker compensation benefits and protections”
  • BY LAW… you have the RIGHT to see your own Dr. or to seek a 2nd opinion
  • If your injury was caused by your work…do not accept “this is not covered by worker’s compensation” as worker’s comp laws provide protections you may need in the future
  • Federal Law requires Austal to report EVERY injury and can be fined for failing to report it
  • Go to www.austalworkers.com and click Injured on the Job to learn more

Contact us at: 251-434-8254

For more detailed info go to: www.austalworkers.com

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