Union Dues & Union Cards—You Decide!

In recent meetings and in individual meetings throughout Austal…Management has made false claims that the union cards being signed would make you a member of the union…that union dues are thousands per year…and that you can have a union election without signing union cards. All 3 claims are FALSE!!

The Union Card States:
Authorization for Union Representation & A Voice at Austal

I, the undersigned employee of Austal USA in Mobile, AL, hereby authorize and designate the Metal Trades Department, AFL-CIO, its local Mobile Metal Trades Council and its affiliated local unions to serve as my collective bargaining representative at Austal for wages, hours, working conditions, and all other terms of employment. I acknowledge my support for bringing union representation, CHANGE and a VOICE for workers to our workplace!

  • Under Alabama’s Right to Work Law…No one at Austal can be required to join their union! Union members in AL are members by choice.
  • Representation Cards being signed at Austal cannot be used to join the union nor be used to collect union dues.
  • There will be No dues at Austal until workers have a signed contract with Austal. No contract / no dues!
  • That means you get to see what positive changes you can make at Austal and then decide if you want to become a member of your union!
  • You decide what changes are needed at Austal. You will vote to decide whether you accept those changes in your contract with Austal.
  • Dues amount will be determined once your union has been established at Austal.
  • Austal Dues—Management Decide & YOU PAY BIG TIME……..

Management is trying hard to convince everyone that they are concerned about how you spend your money. They claim they are very concerned that you might pay a little of your money to your union in an effort to make Austal a better place to work. Fact is… YOU PAY THOUSANDS in Austal Dues already!!

  • Lack of leadership by management results in delays / cost overruns / re-work / scrap—COST YOU $1500 annual bonus or $125 per month.
  • Lack of training for new shipyard workers—cost workers $1000s in lost wages and advancement—Cost YOU $1500 annual bonus.
  • Management’s decision to halt 401k money—cost workers Tens of $1000s in lost retirement income.
  • Management’s favoritism in promotions—shift assignments—pay progression—evaluations—cost workers Tens of $1000s every day.
  • Management’s decision to take back the boot allowance cost you $100.
  • Management’s decision to not provide tools—supplies—materials needed to complete work—cost those workers $1000s.
  • Lack of a formal safety program costs numerous workers physical pain, lost wages & ability to do their job.
  • If you get hurt…they don’t need you anymore—cost workers their jobs. They even fight to prevent workers from collecting Worker Compensation & Disability benefits.
  • Management decides to send workers to shifts with no input or consideration of family needs—cost workers personal pain & stress.
  • Management Isn’t Concerned About Your Finances..
    They’re Concerned About Changes You Are Fighting For!

Your Union card is your voice! Want change at Austal—Sign up Now!!

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