Personal Protective Equipment for Shipyard Workers

OSHA issued a directive Nov. 4, 2010 updating its Enforcement Guidance for Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) in Shipyard Employment.

The directive includes employer requirements to pay – that is, provide at no cost to the worker – certain PPE. Steel-toed rubber boots, goggles, hard hats, hearing protection, and respirators are some of the protective items employers must provide free of charge. This revised Web-based directive also describes equipment that employers do not have to pay for, such as ordinary clothing used as protection from weather, non-specialty prescription safety eyewear, and PPE that a worker already owns and is allowed to use instead of the employer-provided PPE. If your shipyard is failing to provide you the required PPE listed “at no cost” to you.

We can notify OSHA on your behalf. (your name will not be used) Email us at MobileMTC@metaltrades.org or call us at 251-434-8254. 

The full directive and other U.S. Labor Department news releases are accessible at www.dol.gov

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