Standardizing Employee Evaluations

“Whoever’s gonna do the evaluation needs to be someone that’s with you every day,” says Class-A Welder Ed Daniel. Daniel, who works in Fabrication at Austal signed a petition to Don Keeler and the Human Resources Department that asks for the company to standardize the evaluation procedure.

The text of the petition is below.

As Austal employees, we take our evaluations seriously. We want an accurate assessment of our work, acknowledgment of our success, and feedback on ways we can improve. Evaluations have a big impact on us - it determines whether we get raises, when we can take tests to move up in class, and future work opportunities. We have concerns with our most recent evaluation process.

There is no standardized evaluation procedure. Our evaluations at Austal are very subjective. If a supervisor likes you, a good evaluation generally follows. A less satisfactory evaluation can often come simply as a result of a personal bias. Oftentimes, we are evaluated by a new supervisor that has little knowledge of our work. Some of us get sit-down evaluations with our supervisor while others never get a chance to discuss their evaluation. When it comes to attendance, there is a lot of inconsistency in how excused and unexcused absences impact our scores. There are instances when we don't find out we have occurrences until after the evaluation is issued. There is no fair review process for us to challenge our evaluation.

We would like a sit-down meeting with management to discuss how to make evaluations more fair. Below are areas we believe should be discussed and resolved:

• How to prevent personality conflicts from determining results
• How to create a formal procedure so everyone is treated equal and fair
• Regular notification of attendance used for evaluation scores
• Provide all employees with a face-to-face evaluation
• Develop a process to challenge unfair evaluations

Please provide us with a time and date that we can discuss these Issues.

“Whoever’s gonna do the evaluation needs to be someone that’s with you every day.” Ed Daniel, Class-A Welder in Fab.


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