Know Your Rights

This law gives shipbuilders additional protections and rights for job-related injuries and diseases: choice of doctor, rehabilitation, and lifetime coverage of medical costs related to the injury. Read more >>>

This law gives all workers the right to join a union, attend union meetings, talk to a union organizers, declare themselves a union supporter, and assist in forming a union.  It makes it illegal for employers to retaliate or punish workers because of union activity. Read more >>>

This law prohibits employers from discriminating against people with disabilities and requires employers to provide reasonable accomadations for these workers. The ADA can cover conditions such as diabetes, high blood pressure, and asthma.  Read more >>>

This law gives workers twelve weeks of unpaid leave a year to deal with a personal or family medical issue.  It should not be used after an on-the-job injury, where the employee has a right to be compensated for time off.

This law allows Alabama employers, such as Austal, to fire any employee for any reason, or no reason at all, unless the employee is covered under a union contract or is protected under federal law. Read more >>>

A resource guide for finding the appropriate agencies, organizations, and laws for protecting workers' employment rights.  Read more >>>

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