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We are the Mobile Metal Trades Council.  The Mobile Metal Trades Council is currently an organization of 6 Craft Unions that are working with the employees at Austal. The unions are listed below. All 6 of these unions have a long history of representing shipyard workers across the US, including workers at Ingalls that are part of the Pascagoula Metal Trades Council. We are part of the Metal Trades Department, AFL-CIO. Read more >>>

Mobile Metal Trades Council
e-mail: MobileMTC@MetalTrades.org

Phone: 251-434-8254

210 S. Washington Ave.
Mobile, AL 36602


Theodore Roosevelt was in the waning days of his second presidential term, the Supreme Court had just issued a crippling decision declaring that union boycotts were an illegal restraint of trade, workers had precious few rights. AFL President Samuel Gompers and the rest of the AFL Executive Board attending the Republican National Convention in Chicago were armed with an extensive list of worker grievances. They were infuriated by the party’s indifference to their efforts. It was June 15, 1908. The AFL Executive Board closed out a busy session—officially chartering four new departments for the Federation, including the Metal Trades, the Building Trades, the Union Label and the Railroad Department.


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