The Longshore and Harbor Workers’ Compensation Act

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Injured shipyard workers are covered by both the Longshore and Harbor Workers’ Compensation Act (LHWCA) and the State of Alabama Workers’ Compensation Act. The LHWCA compensates maritime workers for lost wages, medical benefits, and rehabilitation services if a worker is injured or has contracted an occupational disease during their employment. Although both laws cover you in the event of injury or illness, there are some distinct differences. Become familiar with the LHWCA and compare which protections are best for YOU before allowing your employer to guide you. Under both laws, it is extremely important that you immediately file an on-the-job injury report and request a copy from your employer. Injuries or illnesses that occur today or over time (wear and tear) may seem minor, but reporting it ensures that if complications continue or worsen, your protections are in place.

What to do if you are injured:
• Notify your employer immediately. If medical treatment is required, ask your employer for a Form LS-1, which authorizes treatment by YOUR DOCTOR OF CHOICE.
• Obtain medical treatment as soon as possible.
• You have 30 days to give written notice of your injury to your employer on Form LS-201. Additional time is provided for certain hearing loss and occupational disease claims.
• File a written claim for compensation within one year after the date of injury.

Injury Benefits:
• All medical, surgical and hospital treatment, medical supplies and services and cost of travel related to on-the-job injury or illness.
• The Longshore Act has no limit on temporary disability payments.
• The Longshore Act provides for vocational rehabilitation.
• The Lonsghore Act expressly prohibits employer discrimination against injured workers who bring claims under the Longshore Harbor Workers’ Act.

Coverage Comparison

Doctor of your choice Doctor chosen by the company
Lifetime payments for future wage loss Limited payments for future wage loss

 For more information about the LHWCA, click here (Department of Labor website).